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Living with a dog provides benefits for all ages, but We would like to emphasize that those benefits are even bigger between elders, so much so that they might make the perfect match. These animals can provide a great amount of love and joy, and, the fact of having one is a great aid in overcoming loneliness and boredom. Furthermore, exercising with your dog is a splendid way to stay active, and can help you to reach the recommendations of activities for health, according to World Health Organitation (OMS).

Before adopting a dog, You have to take into account a background of factors as to analyse if you can satisfy your future dog ́s needs. Such as daily walks, grooming, training, and health care among others. The key is to find the type of dog that best fits your lifestyle and abilities.

There are many adequate dog breeds to make the perfect match companion to a Senior citizen. Keep your eyes wide opened if you want to find out which ones they are, and the main reasons.

French bulldog

This is a small breed that measure between 20 and 27 cm, and weighs between 8 and 12 kg. This dog breed is very sociable, alert and is always willing to play. They are very affectionate and love being patted. This type of pooch requires less work out than others and only needs a light walking routine.


They are kind, easy to train and quite cheerful. This dog breed is pretty hygienic as they do not lose much hair, and it is easy to keep it this way as far as the dog maintains a grooming routine. Depending on the variety they should measure between 15 and 30 cm.


This silky fur is easy adaptable. This makes this pup a good option for elders. They are loyal, vivacious and intelligent. Furthermore, as a general rule, a daily walk is sufficient.


This breed may be one of the funniest ones. It is not the type of dog for long walks, and it would not be a great idea, to take it for a walk in summer, as they do not breath very well. They like be outdoors and play.

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