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Before making the decision to buy or adopt a dog it is very important to consider some factors to correctly choose the breed that best suits our environment and needs, without forgetting the dog’s needs. Living with a large or even giant breed dog is very different from living with a small dog.

In this post we will focus on large breed dogs and their daily special needs.

Living with a large dog, whatever his breed, carries an additional responsibility, because dogs of this size need, among other things: enough space to move, a careful training and time to exercise.

Here are some tips to help you care for a large breed dog

1. Special feeding

These dogs’ nutritional needs are very different from those of a small breed.

Food which is specially designed for large breeds often includes fatty acids and other ingredients to promote joint health.

At Nugape we have a wide range of products available for your large breed dog:

2. Training

Make sure you take the time to train your large breed dog from puppyhood. You must make clear that you are the boss. It is essential for the dog to do enough exercise to prevent mischief and damages at home out of boredom.

3. Hygiene and hair care

Hygiene is fundamental; we must keep the dog clean and dewormed. We should also brush the dog’s hair and check his body for possible problems. If you keep hair, teeth and ears clean and his nails trimmed, you will only need occasionally bathing the dog to keep him clean and healthy.

These accessories can be very helpful:

And many more which you can find on our website.

4. Toys and accessories appropriate to their size

Look for products especially made for large breed dogs such as XXL beds, large bowls and robust toys suitable for them.

If you consider and meet these care tips, all that will be left is to just enjoy your dog very much.

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