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Everyone knows that among the top 10 Christmas list request of children is a pet. Even though this practice has become less frequent, some people still give pets away like treats to children for Christmas time, and we have to keep in mind that they are not a toy, but a living being. The fact that animals are given away like a present, may cause among children, the feeling that pets are either an object or merchandise with no feeling capacity.

Once the novelty wears off, most of these animals that are being given away by Christmas time, end up forsaken on the streets. Please keep in mind that homeless dogs are usually all the time starving and feeling cold outdoors.

We have to remember that animals are not toys, and in no case are they there for satisfying your children´s cravings. In the same line, they are neither there for being shown off nor for cuddling them. Some people have developed an awareness level about pet caring, but this does not apply to the vast majority of the population.

On the whole, before giving in to cravings for pets, have a think of the responsibility involved at this point.  Animals are not objects that you may throw away when you get bored of them. They are living beings with feelings, so that We may encourage adoption and caring for pets, and force us to reconsider the way they are treated. Animals should be treated like family members, and the fact of having them, should mean a long term commitment.

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