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When temperatures drop, not only humans do feel cold. Our dogs feel it too. Therefore, it is logical that the question arises about whether or not you should bathe your dog in winter.

Some dogs are more vulnerable to cold than others, especially those breeds that are smaller or have little hair, and who need extra help in winter in the form of coats. Whereas, some breeds are prepared to live in very cold places without problem.

The fur and skin of dogs follow a natural cycle that prepares them to face low temperatures, secreting natural oils that help them with that protection. Therefore, some experts consider that bathing your dog in winter is a serious mistake. The reason is that it interferes with that natural protection by eliminating it and make the dog more vulnerable against to cold.

If you feel your dog needs to be bathed in winter because of its body odor or because he’s become dirty during a walk, pay attention to the following tips.

How to bathe your dog in winter

  1. Prepare everything before bathing

Prepare all the things you will need before starting: shampoo, towel, dryer … this way you will not have your dog waiting in the bathroom. Brush him before putting him in the bathroom, like this you will have already removed the knots, the superficial dirt and lathering him will be much faster and easier.

  1. Turn on the heating

It is advisable to turn on the heating or use a bathroom heater so that the temperature is more pleasant in the sink. Of course, place it where your dog can not reach it.

  1. A quick bath

It is better to use warm water to soak your dog, soap him quickly to remove dirt and rinse after. Do not distract yourself!

4. Dry him immediately after finishing

As soon as you finish bathing him, you must dry your dog and wrap him in a towel to remove all water excess. Your pet will naturally shake his whole body to dry himself.

Then, you must use the hair dryer so that he does not leave wet from the bathroom. The air should not be very hot and you should keep it at a safe distance so as not to burn his skin.

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