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With a pet at home, be it cat or dog, you will know that fall and spring are the hair seasons. Eliminating them is complicated but it is possible to minimize with the help of various tools.

What means hair shedding?

During fall and spring, our pets loose more hair due to a process of renewing their fur. These hair losses have to do with the adaptation of mammals to changes in sunlight.

Whenever seasonal, moulting is a natural process that should not worry too much. If your pet is urbanite, he probably will lose hair during all seasons; this is because he is little exposed to changes in light and temperature.

To avoid great discomfort to our dogs or cats, we should brush their hair every day during this period. Brushing brings multiple benefits among them:

  • Removes dead hairs
  • Activates blood circulation
  • Promotes new hair growth
  • Provides pleasure and well-being

What type of brush should I use?

Choose the appropriate brush, card, comb or mitten according to the coat of our pet.

– Short coat:

A brush or rubber bristle mitt will be enough to remove dead hair from animals with very short hair. While eliminating dead hair, we will provide a pleasant massage to our dog or cat.

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– Medium coat:

Fine metal bristle brushes are ideal for removing dead hair and dirt from our pet. This kind of fur accumulates knots and a large amount of dead hair which we can easily remove with this type of brush.

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– Long coat:

This is the most problematic, because it gets dirty and entangles more than the previous ones. In these cases, a double-sided brush is the most comfortable: first, we will brush with the rounded bristles to remove excess hair and knots, and then we will use the side of the harder bristles.

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Finally, bathing is indicated, at least once during the moult. It accelerates hair removal and facilitates disentangling, but abuse can be counterproductive.

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