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Cats are carnivores, meaning that there is not need to have fruits and vegetables at all. However, it is not harmful  to offer them some pieces as they provide vitamins and natural antioxidants.

Nevertheless, this should be done with certain  caution due to the high amount of sugar that they can contain. Furthermore, cats´s digestive system  is not designed for ingesting vegetable fibers, so a high amount of consumption may cause stomach issues.

If you want to give a little piece of fruit  to your feline do it as a prize, but you have to take into account which ones are the right types to offer.

Best fruits for cats:

  • Before providing this fruit to your cat remove all the seeds since they contain substances that can be transformed into poisonous cyanohydrocyanic acid once the intestine is reached.
  • Strawberries are rich in fiber, vitamin C and they act like an antioxidant
  • Cats love this fruit because of its taste. Furthermore, it will give a boost of hydration as they are rich in water.
  • Cats love melon and luckily for them, it is a type of fruit they can eat with certain moderation.
  • If the central seed is removed, this type of fruit would also be a good choice
  • Cats love eating watermelon, although in general, they don’t enjoy cold Food. Cut this fruit in small pieces, remove the seeds and let them reach room temperature before giving it to your cat.
  • They are very healthy when taken now and then.

Best veggies for  cats:

  • They love the taste of cucumber, so you you can give them some as a treat.
  • Even though is a veggie that we associated with rabbits, it is perfect for cats and it is easily digestible
  • Boiled peas are a rich source of nutrients such as magnesium, vegetable protein and vitamin B12. These are very helpful for your cat, so give him a treat like peas and his health will thank you.
  • Lettuce is rich in fiber. Moreover, it has a high amount of water, which helps to hydrate quite a lot in summer season.
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