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The ear is one of the most important organs for a pooch and this is due not only because of their hearing capability but for the balance it provides them. One way to keep your pet’s hearing healthy is through a good hygienic process.

Dog´s ears should be cleaned at least once every two weeks. Even though for hanging-eared dogs it is advisable to clean them once a week. When they are dirty they can be a source of infection and hinder the passage of air to the ear, which considerably affects the hearing.

If you want to find out how to clean the ears to your dogs keep on reading the following lines:

  • How to clean the outer side of the ear:

The cleaning of the outer side of the ear, is quite easy. You may use a specific shampoo for dogs on a wet handkerchief with warm water and massage it over the ears gently. You must remove the product well once you have finished to avoid irritations and dry the ears with a towel.

  • Cleaning the inner part of the ear:

Secondly, the most sensitivre area, the inner part of the ear. You have to be more delicate as this is where the naked pinky area located as well as the inner part itself. The ideal material for this process is gauze, take a piece and introduce it very gently into the ear, being very careful to not to go too deep and touch the bottom.

Do not insert objects such as cotton swabs, as you can cause severe damage in their ear and cause deafness. Once you have finished, reward your pet if they behaved well as this will work as a positive reinforcement for future cleanings.

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