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Your cat’s litter box is one of the most important spaces for your feline. Supplying a hygienic and quiet area to your pet in order for them to do their necessities is essential to avoid surprises in other corners of the house.

Would you like to know which is the best way to keep clean your cat’s litter box? Then, follow the next recommendation:

Choose the right litter tray:

When purchasing a litter tray, take into account its size and depth. The cat should have enough space to move into it comfortably, so it is advisable that the tray’s length is longer than your cat.

The litter tray should have sand between 3-5 centimeters in depth, and at the same time leaving enough room to avoid sand spilling out the litter with animal’s movements.

How often shall we change the cat litter?

Even though the solid excrements must be removed daily, the frequency with which the cat’s litter must be changed will depend on the overall quality of the cat’s litter.

The cat litters more sensitive to dirt and which should be renewed more often are the ones made from vegetable fibres. These must be renewed every 2-3 days. In second place are the absorbent ones (not binder cat litter), this type of litter is advisable to be changed once per week. Lastly, the binder cat litter, lasts roughly a month, even though that in order to maintain the initial thickness of the litter it will be necessary to replenish its content now and then (basically, when the stool is eliminated).

How to clean the litter box

The litter tray should be cleaned and disinfected each time the cat’s litter is changed. Keep in mind that some disinfectant products will be toxic for your feline, so We would like to recommend you to choose cleaning products specifically for this duty. Once the litter tray is clean and dry, you may want to add some product for the elimination of odors

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