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One of the recurrent fears to address when having a dog is losing it and not being able to find it. This situation can happen to anyone, even to the most cautious of owners.

When it comes to dogs, it is possible to train them, so that they can track the way back home. In this article, we will give you several tips, so that you can prevent “man´s best friend” from becoming lost.

1.One great choice to quickly find your canine would be to microchip them (mandatory by law in Galicia). Thanks to the technology, people have the best chance of being reunited with their pet if they go missing. Any veterinary is able to verify the microchip with the information that it contains (i.e. animal name and owner´s contact information). Microchip are the only permanent way to ensure that the animal is returned to their family in the event of an escape.

2. It is highly recommended to place an identification plate on the collar dog. This tag can show some contact details as the dog´s name, the owners address and/or contact phone number. This is useful as a quick and simple measure that can be taken so that if somebody else finds the animal, that person would easily be able to trace the owner and get in contact.

3. It is advisable to always walk your pet with a leash, as they may run off due to many different stimulus. If you go to an open area, either a retractable leash or a long leash can fit their and your necessities. These type of leashes provide the dog with freedom while still holding it securely.

Check below on our website for further information about leashes, safety hanesses, and collars:

4. Teach your pet basic obedience and tricks, so that it can always come when calling it. These essential dog training commands are important for your dog´s safety, especially when it comes to preventing them from running away. It is recommendable to teach these orders when it is still a puppy.

5. Neutering is also a key factor as to prevent your dog from running away and getting lost as neutered pets may be less likely to wander off in search of a mate

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