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How to keep your indoor cat happy  and healthy with some key ideas ant tips to achieve their particular paradise, while still being at home. Some experts even say that domestic cats may be happier indoors as long as they are provided with a secure environment, are well fed and have enough loving interaction with their owners.

  • Eat well:

A balanced diet is a must to ensure the well-being of our loving cat. In the same way, the feed should be chosen based on their properties, and following clinical vet indications. In Nugape, we have a great deal of variety depending on the needs of each cat.

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  • Drink water

The water bowl should always be available,so that they may quench their thirst. Nugape team would like to advise you to take into account the tip above, especially in the summer season  when the temperature increases. Also, it is important to make sure that the water is clean and  fresh enough. To help achieve this, we recommend changing the water at least twice a day. 

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  • Litter box

The litter box location is pretty important, this is due that cats neither enjoy being observed nor being in a noisy area while defecating. The best place would be an area with certain privacy. Similarly, the litter box size is important in terms of not making them feel claustrophobic or uncomfortable.

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Our feline friend sleeps regularly for nature. Snoozing the major part of the everyday help them to regulate their body temperature as well as to reduce energy consumption. That is way is highly important to provide them with an adequate cat crib, sometimes, more than one cat bed may be located at home

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  • Petting time

Cats master the art of playing, and they use it in order to develop their skills and intelligence. Furthermore, they also have the hunting instinct written in their genes. This needs to be exercised and it is an important part of their development and well-being.

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  • Scratching toys

The cat scratching pad is necessary in order to avoid your feline damaging furniture, walls, and on the whole, anything they can get their claws on or into at home. Especially, if they are made of wood or fabric.

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  • Make room for your cat

These types of lovely pets still preserve instincts that thrive under adequate stimulation. One of which is the need for roaming around in search of food and hunting. Although they are domesticated and sweet, they are natural predators and as such, always have the need to act out certain urges. They need interactive play time that will satisfy their hunting instincts and keep them active. Territory marking behaviours and tracking comes natural to them. Give them free access to different rooms at home so they do not feel frustrated and can unleash their impulses.

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