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The howl is a vestige, inherited from the wolves, and that in the past had communicative, emotional and social functions. But why does the dog keep howling, if it is no longer wild?

Howling is an important source of information about the emotional, mood and even health status of our dogs. After all, it is one of their ways of communicating and expressing what is happening to them.

Most of the time they will howl simply as a way of calling each other and talking to each other. However, at other times it may be indicative that something is wrong: stress, some illness, fear or lack of specific care can cause the dog to start howling suddenly.

The tones of the howl can give us some clues to find out why it makes this sound. A more pitiful and low-pitched howl may be due to the dog is experiencing some pain or discomfort. Conversely, a high pitched, loud, and resounding howl may originate from spending too much time alone, from lack of stimuli or simply from imitating some external sound that is similar to a howl, such as wind.

Howls are part of the dog’s communication and cannot be avoided, what we can do is prevent the causes for which it happens. For this we must ensure that it receives the necessary attention and care, that it does not get hot, cold or hungry, that it has enough toys when it is alone at home, that it always has fresh and clean water at its disposal … Simple measures that will ensure the animal welfare, and will not give you reason to howl excessively or suddenly.

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