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With the arrival of Spring, and warmer weather just round the corner, means changes in our routines which also affect our pets living with us. The light hours last longer and we can fill up our free time with sun and fresh air.

It is  an inescapable truth that pets enjoy being outdoor, and this season is when we have to pay special attention to mans-best-friends, as getting back in the sun means coming back with pests such as fleas, ticks, biting flies, mosquitos, etc

If you want to find out the main recommendations to prevent your dog  from these pests, keep on reading the following lines:

Beware of stings

In the spring, insects increase their activity. We are sure you have noticed it when taking walks with your pet. We would like to advise you to pay special attention with the stings that the animal can suffer. Particularly those are around the mouth or the neck as they can provokeasphyxia or respiratory problems


This illness is provoked by the bite of a type of fly, and may cause losing weight in your dog,nosebleeds or hair loss. There is a vaccine on the market. In any case, it is advisable that you also protect your pet with repellents designed specifically for it.

External pests

It is in this season when fleas and ticks reappear, these types of pests can provoke illnesses and infections to your pet, just remember to use the repellents for these pests.


Your furry friend may also suffer from allergies and so suffer from their symptoms such as sneezing or tearing. If your dog is having any of the above symptoms, We would like to advise you to take it to the vet.


The pine processionary is a pest in the shape of Caterpillar, which go down from the pines (where overwinter) stuck to each other like a procession, hence its name. Processionary pine has urticating hairs that can cause harmful reactions in your pup.

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