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In the cat´s world sharpening their nails are a necessity and, if you want to prevent your house from being destroyed, then to provide a scraper for your cat is a must. Cat´s scrapers are always necessary for many reasons, in this article we will put across the main reasons:

  1. To maintain their nail strong and sane

Nails´s cats are a sign of their identity. Actually, they need to renew them constantly. Their nails grow in layers, so that your fluffy friend will use the scraper to break the dead layers and make a way to the tender ones. This way will be a lower likelihood of your cat scratching the rest of the objects in your house.

  1. Marking territory

Cats are territorials. They need to mark certain areas like theirs to reinforce their instinct. The scrapers allow cats to leave their mark on something they consider theirs over time.

  1. To release stress

In certain periods, they will find the scraper a way to free up tension.

  1. To be active

The scrapers provide them a means for stretching and playing, something very important for their.for their joints, muscles and bones. If your fluffy friend stayed at home on his own many hours, he may become inactive, serious and gain weight.

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