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Dogs that practice any sport, maintain a much more intense physical training routine than most domestic dogs. This generates a high metabolic rate, with a greater energy waste, as well as a greater impact on bones and joints compared to a sedentary dog.

For this reason, and to ensure a good health and an optimal athletic performance, it is important to pay special attention to their diet and provide them with high-energy food.

Choose a feed with high-quality protein. Ideally, the largest energy intake should come from animal protein. Not all proteins are equally “useful” for our dog’s organisms and in the case of an athlete dog it is even more important to take care of this issue.

In Nugape we have the Nuthya Premium line concentrating the latest advances in animal nutrition, which includes specific materials providing a bonus to their diet.

It is important that your dog eats several times a day, at least two times. And a good tip is to mix the feed with a little of water to increase hydration and to facilitate toxin elimination.

Dogs should not be fed just before exercising. It could become dangerous and lead to gastric torsion. Experts recommend that if your pet is going to do a sport activity in the morning, the last meal should be taken at least the night before, about 12 hours before. Once finished the physical activity, it is recommended to wait one hour before re-feeding.

It is also important to bear in mind that sporty dogs are not only those who practice sport with their owners or participate in obstacle or racing championships, but also working dogs, dedicated to hunt, people rescue or any others who also need to be in good shape.

In summary, if your dog does any physical activity it is important to take maximum care of his food to avoid injuries and to provide him with the necessary energy.

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