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In the last years, the cat has become one of the favorite animals to have at home. However, do you know which are the most recommended cat breeds to have indoor? In the following lines we name those that best may adapt to a home


This type of breed is especially intelligent and affectionate. They adore to have time together around people and to be the center of attention. The child´s environment is perfect for them, because they are very controlling and will keep a sharp eye on the children at any time as if they were their own kittens.


The most distinctive feature of this feline is its tranquility. A quality  that provides a great deal of patience and calm. They enjoy all attention that the owner can provide and they are perfect to live with young children.

Maine Coon

These cats stand out because of their grace and docility. They are very active and enjoy whatever adventure they may find.


It may not be the most playful breed, but they are ideal in quieter environments.


They are very active and playful cats, especially during their childhood. They enjoy climbing trees and jumping from one place to another, this will make them your perfect adventure companion

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