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Getting enough rest is also relevant in the pet´s life. On average, they spend about 12 hours a day sleeping, which is half of their life. This helps their well-being, relaxation and enables them to manage their energy levels.

The sleeping  process for pooches, it is very similar to human beings. They have a slow phase (known as SWS), and a REM phase. The REM phase is the most popular one due to its importance, as opposed to human beings, the dogs have major brain activity in this phase. This allows our four-legged friends to have nice dreams and nightmares.  Pets usually move their paws, eyes, mouth, and they can even vocalise.

It is highly important for them not to wake in this sleeping phase. When they are dreaming, they are in deep sleep, and if we get them awake in a sudden they may feel disoriented and threatened.

There are also differences with human habits, dogs get up from sleeping very often. In general, they usually sleep between 5 and 20 minutes through, then they stay awake for another 5 minutes and get back to sleep. This type of sleeping pattern is based on instinctive survival behavior, as to spend the least possible time defenseless against possible dangers.

Having a good sleep is essential for our pets. Actually, it is imperative for both our psychical and physical health. That´s why to provide your pet with a comfy space for resting is a must.

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