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In recent years more beaches allow dogs in Spain, and an increasing number of people choose the beach like a great destination for summer vacation, these two data  may a one way combination. Taking your dog to the beach may bring joy to both owner and dog, but you better make sure to take the adequate measures as not to have any unforeseen event.

In this article you will find a great deal of ideas to take your pooch to the beach.


Before going to the beach

Before heading to your destination, make sure that the beach that you plan on going is pet friendly, so authorised by the regional government.

Please press this link to find out the Pet friendly beaches.

Once confirmed, it is time to  prepare the rock sack  with everything your dog will need. Remember to keep in the bag water, the water bowl,  and some treats (just in case you want to reinforce their well-behavior) . If you consider spending the whole day on the beach, better do not forget the feed and the Food bowl.

It is also essential to carry some bags in case your pet defecated. You have to maintain your space on the beach clean for other people and pets, so that everyone can enjoy being there. We would like to advise you to also take a float dog toy, so that the dog can also play in the water with the toy.

Do not forget to wear sunscreen to your puppy, and lastly, remember that you may rather be in the sun, but not your pet, so carry on a sun umbrella


On the beach

Offer water regularly to your pet or just bump around him a water bowl, with fresh water. Leave the bowl in the shade, and make sure that your pet does not drink sea water, it will not re-hydrate the animal, instead can cause gastrointestinal problems. Watch your pet!

When it comes to bathing choose an area not to depth and with no currents. Special attention should be paid if there are jellyfish or sea urchins on the beach, or if the sea conditions are not safe.

If your puppy does not like bathing in the sea do not force him into the water. Bathing is not the only joyful thing to do on the beach. For those dogs that do not cool off by getting into the sea water, it can be a good option to pour water on them to help them regulate body temperature.

In any case, be very careful if the dog does intense exercise in full sun and without rest. Heat stroke is a risk for dog too. The risk of heat stroke is greater for brachycephalic dogs.

If your pet likes playing with sand, keep an eye on him not eating it. Some dogs get to ingest large amounts of sand up to the point that they end up needing a vet


Once back at home

After being on the beach a bath with fresh water is needed in order to eliminate all traces of sand and salt. Take advantage of this moment to double check your hairy´s friend´s ears and make sure that there is no sand inside.

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