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Tips to enjoy hiking with your dog

The good weather invites you to enjoy nature and outdoor sports, if you have a dog, hiking is an ideal activity. You can enjoy together, exercise and boost your bond. Despite being a beneficial and safe activity, we must take into account some tips to turn this activity into a great experience.

1. Plan the hiking trail.

First of all, planning is necessary to be sure of the route, duration, kilometers, unevenness and types of terrain. In this way we can determine if the route is suitable for our dog and prepare everything it may need. We must avoid routes with many slopes, very full, close to the road or without shadow.

2. Physical condition of our dog.

We must take into account the physical condition of our pet before selecting a route, as well as their age and race. According to this, one route or another will be determined. If your dog is not used to do daily physical exercise and leads a sedentary life, you should train it before, raising the level of physical demand little by little.

3. Bring water and dog food.

When planning the route we will know beforehand the duration of the route and therefore we will know what we should take. Water is an essential element whatever the time of year. One tip is to bring a portable drinker since it will not occupy as much space as a bowl. Food is not essential unless the route exceeds 15 hours. What is advisable is that you give fruit that refreshes it and at the same time provides glucose.

4. Carry it tied.

For safety it is advisable to take it tied whenever it is not used to go loose, if the route is full or if there is danger of wild animals. In field areas you can be confused and it can be difficult to find it. For these occasions we can use extensible straps that will give it freedom without needing to be loose.

5. Documentation of the dog.

It is necessary to take the documentation of your pet in case there is any unforeseen event or in case any authority personnel asks us for it. If you have insurance for the dog it is also advisable to take it with you.

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