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The arrival of the cold does not only affect people. Animals also suffer the low temperatures, which can become a risk to their lives if they are not adequately protected.

Mostly affected pets by the cold

1. Fishes

One of the most important cares that we must take into account, in the case of having fish at home, is the temperature of the water, since this should always be constant. A cold atmosphere or air flows could lower the water temperature and directly affect the health of the fish.

2. Birds

Birds are very sensitive animals, which require an extremely careful treatment. It is very common to see the cages located on balconies and windows, but during the winter the ideal is to place it inside the house.

3. Rabbits

Rabbits take refuge during winter in burrows. As you cannot build such shelter inside your home, you must take care to protect them from the cold. In case of not doing so, they may suffer from hypothermia, lack of appetite, tremor, respiratory problems…

4. Guinea pigs

Guinea pigs, as like rabbits, suffer when faced with extreme temperatures – both with cold and hot temperatures. – Among its cares, it is important to keep their cage in a place where the temperature is constant, away from sunlight and air flows.

5. Dogs

Go for a walk is common with dogs, but facing sudden changes in temperature can cause respiratory problems. When a dog catches a cold, the first symptom is reflected in the lack of appetite, since his throat can become inflamed and generate pain.

6. Cats

Caring for our cats is essential to avoid what is known as “feline flu.” Some of the symptoms are sneezing, mucus, conjunctivitis, fever, lack of appetite and depression. Contagion among cats is very common and they can recover in several days or weeks.

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