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Many times we have heard that sharing a bed with our pet is a bad habit, that it could even be the cause of unsatisfactory rest because their noises and movements could end up waking us  repeatedly.

The above mentioned affirmation is however, far away from reality. For most people, sleeping with their pet is not harmful but a positive experience. Pets provide comfort and safety, giving calm and companionship.

Some health professionals advise people suffering from insomnia to sleep with their pets. In fact, just petting a dog or cat helps to release endorphins which are responsable for producing well-being. These hormones have also been seen to be essential to combat lack of sleep due to depression or anxiety.

In the below we mention the main advantages of sleeping with your pooch:

  1. It Increases Feelings of Security and Contentment. The physical presence of your dog next to you provides a source of companionship and comfort. Your dog’s rhythmic breathing, soft fur and warm body all contribute to this soothing effect. In fact, many owners state they feel secure, content and relaxed when their pet slept nearby.
  2. It may help with sleep disorders . Many people with sleeping disorders opt for sleeping with their dogs, who may alert them to a medical problem during the night. Indeed, sleep professionals suggest that pets could be beneficial in combating sleep disorders including obstructive sleep apnea, nightmares and narcolepsy
  3. Fight against depession. People with depression often have trouble sleeping, but inviting your dog into your bed may help, as your dog can help to relieve associated feelings of stress, loneliness and anxiety.
  4. Warmth and Comfort. The warmth from your pet can act like a hot water bottle on a cold night, helping you to stay cozy. In fact, your pet may keep you so warm that it’s possible to overheat the room.
  5. Increase Bonding— Not only do dogs help their owners relieve stress, but being close to your dog increases production of the hormone oxytocin, which is linked to bonding and feelings of affection and happiness
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