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Keeping a dog’s nails in perfect condition is a health issue that can prevent the appearance of wounds on its paws and other problems caused by excessive length.

If the utensils are adequate, we can carry out the task of cutting them ourselves, within the comfort of our house, in order to rid the animal, for once, of going through the dreaded visit to the veterinarian.

When should I cut my dog’s nails?

Dogs have pads on the soles of their feet on which they bear their full weight when walking. Nails should never exceed these pads because, when they do, they prevent the dog from walking correctly, causing the twist of their fingers while trying to touch with the pads on the floor.

In addition, not cutting a dog’s nails can also result in the appearance of wounds on the fifth finger, since it will eventually penetrate the skin.

What do I need to cut my dog’s nails?

To be able to cut the nails of a dog at home without harming it is essential to get the right utensils. We recommend that you run away from low quality products since your partner’s health is at stake.

Lime and nail clipper set

Cortauñas y lima


This type of scissors for dogs have a built-in spring to facilitate the task of cutting the dog’s nails.

To use them, we will have to introduce the nail into the hole and place the scissors at the appropriate height to cut.



Nail clipper

Cortauñas Nugape


This type of scissors to cut dogs nails have a similar shape to scissors for humans, but adapting the blades to the nails of these animals.

When selecting this type of scissors you should look at the size of it and choose the one that best suits the size of your dog.


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