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Ticks are arthropods that belong to the order of mites. There are two families of ticks: soft and hard, the latter being the ones that parasitize our pets. They have four pairs of legs and a special mouth called a chapter, which allows them to penetrate the skin and feed themselves from the blood of animals which act as hosts.

These small parasites are distributed all over the world and more than twelve different species have been identified with a different biology and geographic distribution. In Spain, tick infestation is seasonal, increasing during spring and summer, with the arrival of heat and rainfall, although we can find them throughout the year given their ability to remain on the vegetation.

How can we eliminate them?

If your dog already has bite symptoms, the fastest way to identify and eliminate them is manually. Inspect by palpating the skin against the hair and remove them with tweezers. If in doubt, go to the veterinarian for specialized products to eliminate them.

How can we prevent them?

To prevent our dogs from becoming infected we can use different antiparasitic products such as collars, pipettes or tablets so that your pet is free of parasites, both internal like intestinal worms; as well as external, like fleas or ticks. We recommend you to visit your veterinarian to receive the most appropriate recommendation for your pet.

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