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In accordance with the own features for each dog, We may grasp how many years they will stand by us. A good forecast should contémplate multiple circumstances, such as size, breed,  weight, feeding, crossbreeding, environment or lifestyle of each dog.

Then, How many years will a dog live taking into account his breed?

On average, big dogs live less years than little ones. The followings estimates are an approximation, since not all dogs age at the same time. Biological age depends on his genetic inheritance, nutrition and health status, as well as the stress accumulated during his life.

Life expectancy by size:

  • Small breeds:

Some of them, like  the Chihuahua, may reach the 20 years of age.

  • Medium breeds:

The dogs of medium size, have a live’s expectancy a half way, between big and little dogs, roughly 14 years of age.

  • Big breeds:

The dogs of big size, have an average live’s expectancy of 8 years.

  • Cross breeding dogs: 

It may be complicated to establish an average, since this will depends on the mixtures they carry, as well as their weight and size.

To ensure that this life expectancy is met and even exceeded, the key is caring and the type of food provided, such as NUTHYA PREMIUM SENIOR especially developed for senior dogs of all size

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