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Playing hide and seek is not only for the two-foot children in your family as many dogs love to play it. This game challenges your dog’s obedience capabilities and provides olfactory and mental stimulation. See here how to do it: grab some treats and ask your dog to sit down, go to another room and once you are hidden call your dog, when it finds you, give it a reward.
If you have already taught your dog the command to look for something and order to do it, you can also play hide and seek with food or prizes. For playing, teach your dog what you are about to hide and then ask it to sit down or put behind a closed door so it cannot see you. Hide the object and then ask your dog to find it out.

Unless your dog is super smart or has already played this game, it’ll probably have to give it some verbal clues as it gets closer to or closer to the target. You can also give it physical ideas by pointing or moving to where it hid the object until your dog understands the game’s message. When you find the hidden object or prize, be sure to congratulate it with great emotion and give it some extra prizes.

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