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Tips for travelling with your pet by car

Some animals find the experience of travelling by car very fun, but for others it can become a traumatic moment. To avoid uncomfortable situations, here is a list of tips that will be very useful when you plan a car trip with your pet:

1. Fastening.

The main rule is dogs never can be loose inside of the car. To achieve this, several systems can be used depending on the size or weight of our dog and always approved by European regulations.

  • Travel carrier. If you have a small size pet, this is the perfect accessory. It must be placed on the floor behind a front seat, never fastened with the safety belt on the seats. You can turn it into a comfortable space with blankets and toys. In case of larger pets, it is better the carrier goes in the trunk, in transverse position to the travel direction.

In Nugape we have a wide range of carriers that will adjust to the size of the pet:

  •  Safety harness. Animals cannot be restrained with the belts of the vehicle itself, as they are not safe. That is why there are special harnesses for fastening.

You can also find this item on our website:

2. Protection for seats.

In the case of animals are restrained with harness, it is best to protect the seat from dirt (hairs, leg stains, or even from physiological needs or getting sick).

You can find it on our website:

3. Rest.

It is essential to make several stops, every two hours at the most, to make their needs, run and drink. There are limited areas for dogs to take their rest without danger.

4. Hydration and feeding.

it is not advisable to feed it before making a trip, as it can be sensitive to the movements of the car which can cause dizziness or vomiting. One way to avoid it is not to feed it in the 3 hours before of departure. It is essential to bring water and a travel dispenser so it can cool off.


In our post “Tips to prevent a heat stroke in your pet” we explain the steps that should be taken to avoid dehydration in your pet.

And of course, never leave your pet alone inside of the car, especially in hot weather, because a heat stroke can be fatal; always carry it with you.

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