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Separation anxiety in dogs is an increasingly common behaviour disorder. This disorder affects our pet´s wellbeing, provoking hightened levels of stress and a state of anxiety.
This issue arises when the pooch is not able to manage the loneliness caused by the situation of being separated. For dogs, the owner is the figure who both protects and guides them. When the owner is not present, is when stress, fear and anxiety manifest.

This state of anxiety leads the animal to a sum of unwanted behaviors. Destroyed objects, scratched furniture, or spreading feces around the house are some examples of what a dog whith separation anxiety can do.

What are the determinant facts for this behavioural disorder?

Even though there is not a clear origin of  this type of disorder, there are several reasons that could act as a trigger:

  • Premature weaning. The separation from his mother before 8 weeks could be the main cause of separation anxiety.
  • Changes in the dog´s routine like new schedules or moving to a new and different property.
  • Traumatic experiences during the owner´s absence, such as scares that may cause the fear of loneliness to develope.
  • To have suffered an abandonment. Pets abandoned and those who have suffered this extreme situation before, are more prone to having this kind of anxiety disorder.

What are the main symptoms?

  • When your pet is alone at home, he destroys objects.
  • Barking and whining when the owner is not at home is also a regular behaviour.
  • Spreading feces through the house is another regular behaviour your pet may experience
  • Vomiting and diarrhea.

In case of separation anxiety, We would like to advise you to consult your vet or an expert in canine training.

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